2008-05-15  Neil Brownmore ddf stuff
2008-05-15  Dan WilliamsInitial DDF support code.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownSome support for external metadata.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownChange write_init_super to be called only once.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownAdd crc32 files.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownAdd cpu_to_be convertions functions.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownReduce openning of dev in create.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownAdd 'container' level and ->validate_geometry method.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownRelease 2.6.5 mdadm-2.6.5
2008-05-15  Neil BrownGet Changelog uptodate
2008-05-15  Neil BrownCompiple fixes for mdassemble and diet-libc
2008-05-15  Neil BrownDon't try the auto-detect test when md_mod is a module
2008-05-15  Neil BrownFix support for --update=swapsuper
2008-05-15  Neil BrownRecent change broken handling of metadata-less arrays.
2008-05-15  Neil BrownFix possible NULL dereference in super_by_fd
2008-05-15  Neil BrownAvoid possible null dereference in Assemble.
2008-05-12  Hans LambermontSet LOG_PID for syslog
2008-05-06  Kay Sieversadd --export option to --examine
2008-05-05  Neil BrownMake device-special files for partitions when using...
2008-05-05  Dan Williamslet '-a' be specified for Incremental mode
2008-05-05  Neil BrownUnify code into find_free_devnum.
2008-05-05  Dan Williamsfix load_super/free_super mismatch in util.c
2008-05-05  Bill NottinghamSimplistig locking for --incremental.
2008-05-05  Bill NottinghamCreate /dev/md if needed and it doesn't exist.
2008-05-05  Neil BrownFix RAID acronym in man page.
2008-04-29  Neil BrownAdd a .gitignore file.
2008-04-29  Neil BrownUse .\" instead of '''
2008-04-29  Neil Browndiff -ru mdadm-2.6.4-orig/Query.c mdadm-2.6.4/Query.c
2008-04-29  Neil BrownFix possible bug with bitmap space allocation with...
2008-04-28  Neil BrownSmall improvements to --incremental for arrays that...
2008-04-28  Neil BrownAllow creation of a RAID6 with a single missing device.
2008-04-28  Neil BrownUpdates some URLs in the man page.
2008-04-28  Neil BrownPrint 'Events' more sensibly.
2008-04-28  Neil BrownFix problems with array.size overflowing on large arrays.
2008-04-28  Neil BrownFix for segfault when reading /proc/mdstat
2007-12-14  Neil BrownUse sysfs info for metadata version info in Detail...
2007-12-14  Neil BrownReplace sysarray with mdinfo
2007-12-14  Neil BrownUse 'mdinfo' instead of special 'sysdev' structure.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownSome tidy up of 'devices' in assemble.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownDon't record oldmajor/oldminor any more during assemble.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownFind super from fd on an array.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownDrop the superblock arg from all metadata methods.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownFix compare_super to take supertype instead of a superb...
2007-12-14  Neil BrownAdd 'supertype' arg to almost all metadata methods.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownAllow metadata handlers to free their own superblock.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownMake sure sysfs_read never succeeds for a non-MD device.
2007-12-14  Neil BrownRemove spaces/tabs from ends of lines.
2007-11-29  Neil BrownA recent patch broke --create --level=faulty - fix it.
2007-11-12  Neil BrownAdd metadata version information to "--detail --brief...
2007-10-19  Neil BrownRelease 2.6.4 mdadm-2.6.4
2007-10-19  Neil BrownRemove partitions from a device before adding it to...
2007-10-17  Neil BrownAdd some extra consistency checks based on level.
2007-10-17  Neil BrownClarify the avail/used devices sizes with version1...
2007-10-17  Neil BrownMake sure --auto=mdp is honoured properly
2007-10-16  Neil BrownFix restarting of a reshaping array.
2007-10-01  Jérémy BobbioAlso use &tst instead of st later on when loading v1...
2007-09-30  martin f. krafftFix segfault on assembly on amd64 with v1 superblocks
2007-09-27  maximilian... Monitor.c s/MAXINT/INT_MAX/g
2007-09-27  maximilian... mdopen.c don't shadow major() and minor()
2007-09-27  maximilian... Monitor.c include signal.h directly
2007-09-24  Neil BrownAdd ANNOUNCE-2.6.1 to git
2007-09-24  Neil BrownDon't corrupt 'supertype' when speculatively calling...
2007-09-24  maximilian... config.c include dirent.h instead sys/dir.h
2007-09-24  maximilian... Create.c s/major/major_num/
2007-09-24  maximilian... Add klibc support to mdadm.h
2007-09-24  Neil BrownMake "--write-mostly" effective when re-adding a device...
2007-09-11  Iustin PopExplain the read-balancing algorithm for RAID1 better...
2007-08-20  Neil BrownRelease 2.6.3 mdadm-2.6.3
2007-08-20  Neil BrownUpdate changelog
2007-08-20  Neil BrownReport error when grow cannot be restarted.
2007-08-20  Neil BrownFix error message when adding a device that is too...
2007-08-20  Neil BrownFix problem with add a device to a 1.x array created...
2007-07-23  Neil BrownReject '--bitmap none' for build and create.
2007-07-23  Tim Woods"--export" segfaults with non-persistent super blocks
2007-07-22  Neil BrownIn the MISC MODE section in mdadm(8), the names of...
2007-07-13  Scott WeikartSubstantial corrections to man pages.
2007-07-10  Neil BrownTypo in man page: Multipath has an L ...
2007-07-09  Ian DallAllow "--write-behind=" to be done in grow mode.
2007-07-09  Doug LedfordEnhance raid4 support: --assemble and --monitor wasn...
2007-07-08  Doug LedfordFix parsing of "-a" in various contexts.
2007-07-08  Doug LedfordMark some files FD_CLOEXEC to protect sendmail from...
2007-07-08  Doug LedfordImprove error message when trying to create an array...
2007-07-08  Doug LedfordInterpret "--metadata=1" with --assemble to imply any...
2007-07-08  Neil BrownFix spare migration and other problems with --monitor.
2007-05-21  Neil BrownCompile with various -O flags for testing.
2007-05-21  Neil BrownFix compile error in Detail.c
2007-05-21  Neil BrownRelease 2.6.2 mdadm-2.6.2
2007-05-21  Neil BrownMake return code for "--detail --test" more reliable.
2007-05-21  Neil BrownImprove error message for adding bitmap to a level...
2007-05-21  Neil BrownAdd --auto-detect for in-kernel autodetect.
2007-05-21  Neil BrownUpdate tests and add linear-add
2007-05-21  Neil BrownFix --grow --add for linear arrays.
2007-05-21  Neil BrownFix handling of negative bitmap offsets on 64bit hosts.
2007-05-11  Neil BrownSupport failing and removed of detached and faulty...
2007-05-11  David HuffmanMinor typo in mdadm man page
2007-05-08  Kay SieversAdd --export option to --detail to use key=value pairs.
2007-05-08  Neil BrownFix up calculation of bitmap space when creating v1...
2007-05-08  Neil BrownSend help text to stdout rather than stderr.
2007-05-08  Neil BrownTypo in mdadm.conf man page
2007-05-08  Peter SamuelsonHyphens and Other Manpage Typography, 4/4: literal...