Default to --auto=yes
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / config.c
2006-12-14  Neil BrownDefault to --auto=yes
2006-11-08  Neil BrownStrdup the bitmap file name found in the config file
2006-10-12  Neil BrownAllow a number after --auto=yes
2006-08-11  Neil BrownAllow symlink creation to be disabled from command...
2006-06-26  Neil BrownMore consistent honoring of --configfile
2006-06-20  Neil BrownStop map_dev from returning [0:0]
2006-06-02  Neil BrownAllow default metadata to be specified in mdadm.conf
2006-05-29  Neil BrownImprove compiling for static binaries.
2006-05-26  Neil BrownInitial implementation of auto-assembly
2006-05-19  Neil BrownAllow homehost to be set on command line or in config...
2006-05-19  Neil BrownImprove code for recognising config lines.
2006-05-19  Neil BrownJust updaqte copyright dates and email address
2006-05-16  Neil BrownArrange the 'auto' setting in mdadm.conf can choose...
2006-05-15  Neil BrownAllow default creation info to to be stored in mdadm...
2006-05-15  Neil BrownAssume "DEVICE partitions" if no DEVICE line present.
2006-05-15  Neil BrownSupport 'mailfrom' line in mdadm.conf so the From:...
2006-05-15  Neil BrownUse O_DIRECT to read bitmap files.
2006-03-29  Neil BrownSupport 'bitmap=' in mdadm.conf for auto-assembling...
2006-03-28  Neil BrownCreate missing /dev files where needed.
2005-12-09  Neil BrownAllow /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf as an alternate to /etc...
2005-12-05  Neil BrownAllow scanning of devices listed in /proc/partitions...
2005-08-09  Neil BrownSupport nameing of version-1 arrays.
2005-08-04  Neil BrownAssorted Fixes for multiple bugs.
2005-06-14  Neil BrownAllow --auto to still be meaningful when --scan is...
2005-06-14  Neil BrownInitialise to NULL
2005-05-03  Neil Brownsuper1
2005-05-03  Neil BrownAdd a 'super-switch' so that different format superbloc...
2005-04-04  Neil BrownFix "--config=partitions" which was broken.
2005-04-04  Neil BrownReread partitions file for each array being assembled.
2004-08-11  Neil Brownmdadm-1.7.0 mdadm-1.7.0
2004-06-04  Neil Brownmdadm-1.6.0 mdadm-1.6.0
2004-01-22  Neil Brownmdadm-1.5.0 mdadm-1.5.0
2003-10-28  Neil Brownmdadm-1.4.0 mdadm-1.4.0
2003-03-02  Neil Brownmdadm-1.1.0 mdadm-1.1.0
2003-02-12  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.9 mdadm-1.0.9
2002-04-11  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8.2 mdadm-0.8.2
2002-04-04  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8 mdadm-0.8
2002-03-20  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7.2 mdadm-0.7.2
2002-03-08  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7 mdadm-0.7
2002-03-06  Neil Brownmdctl-0.6 mdctl-0.6
2001-08-23  Neil Brownmdctl-0.5 mdctl-0.5
2001-07-26  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.4.2 mdctl-v0.4.2
2001-07-26  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.4 mdctl-v0.4
2001-06-08  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.2 mdctl-v0.2