2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlmake.sh: Add ids-ruleset-source
2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Introduce basic initscript
2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlids-ruleset-sources: Update download URL for snort...
2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Rename ruleset-sources.list to rulese...
2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlids-ruleset-sources: New package
2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlconfigroot: Move from snort to suricata
2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Install very basic config file
2018-08-02  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Generate suricata compatiple used-rulefiles...
2018-07-30  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Move path details from snort to suricata
2018-07-30  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'next-new-ids.cgi' into next-suricata...
2018-07-30  Stefan Schantlsuricata: New package
2018-07-29  Stefan Schantllibhtp: New package
2018-07-29  Stefan Schantlyaml: New package
2018-07-28  Stefan SchantlIDS: Rework error and log handling in ids-functions.pl
2018-07-27  Stefan SchantlIDS: Introduce settingsdir variable
2018-07-26  Stefan SchantlIDS: Move rulepath declaration to ids-functions.pl
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rename snortrules hash to idsrules.
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop code which is detecting if oinkmaster...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Reimplement function to lock page and show...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Also log errors to syslog
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Use pure perl to log oinkmaster resul...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Make variables globally accessible
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rework CGI logic to download a new ruleset
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Use tarball information from ids-functions.pl
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop dirty hook for updating the ruleset
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Move function to call oinkmaster to ids-functi...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Move downloader code to ids-functions.pl
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Use ids-functions.pl for checking available...
2018-07-26  Stefan SchantlIDS: Introduce ids-functions.pl.
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop loading of File::Copy module.
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantllogs.cgi/log.dat: Add support for oinkmaster
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rework snort configuration area
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Pipe the oinkmaster output to the logger binary
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rework downloader for rulesets
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop old control code
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlsnort: Introduce ruleset-sources.list
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlgeneral-functions.pl: readhash() Add code to handle...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Call oinkmaster without a log target
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Introduce ruleset-source.list
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Adjust code for saving snort settings
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Remove logfile after wget has successfully...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rework code which shows if oinkmaster is working
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop old code for debuging purposes
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Add check when altering the ruleset
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rework code for downloading/updating the ruleset
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Move call of oinkmaster to an own subfunction
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Always write config files for enabled/disabled...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Process enabled rulefiles in an own loop
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop enabled/disabled rules from cgiparams...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop enabled rulefile from cgiparams hash...
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Re-add code for enable/disable rulefiles
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Code cleanup
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Re-add code to save the ruleset.
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop unused css code
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Rework code for displaying the single rules
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Always display ruleset
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Remove comment lines for snort rules control
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Refactor reading-in rule files.
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Move function to end of file
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Use pure perl for directory listing
2018-07-26  Stefan Schantlids.cgi: Drop old code for uploading a ruleset
2018-07-21  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'next' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git...
2018-07-20  Michael Tremeraws: Add support for a script that can be executed...
2018-07-20  Michael Tremeraws: Always exit the init script cleanly
2018-07-20  Michael Tremerasterisk: Don't optimise for builder
2018-07-20  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Import latest patches
2018-07-19  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'next' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git...
2018-07-19  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: aarch64: enable virtio drivers
2018-07-19  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot: boot aarch64 kernel without -multi extension
2018-07-19  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: apply multi arch patchset for aarch64
2018-07-14  Michael TremerAWS: Give setup user permissions to read its own SSH...
2018-07-14  Michael Tremeraws: Unlock setup account
2018-07-14  Michael Tremeraws: Install SSH keys only for setup user
2018-07-14  Michael Tremeraws: setup user should not be a system user
2018-07-14  Michael TremerRootfile update for aarch64 kernel
2018-07-12  Michael Tremeraarch64: Remove -multi suffix from kernel
2018-07-12  Michael Tremerlinux: Simplify compiling and installing the kernel
2018-07-12  Michael Tremeriptables: Ship all modules
2018-07-12  Michael TremerRootfile update
2018-07-12  Michael Tremeraws: Don't start ssh right away
2018-07-10  Erik KapferOpenVPN: Deleted mtu-disc completely since it has been...
2018-07-10  Matthias Fischerclamav: Update to 0.100.1
2018-07-10  Michael Tremeraws: Create "setup" user to run setup
2018-07-08  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'next' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git...
2018-07-03  Michael Tremerusbutils: Update rootfile
2018-07-03  Arne Fitzenreiterspice-protocol: rootfile update
2018-07-03  Arne Fitzenreiterlibgcrypt: rootfile update
2018-07-03  Michael TremerUpdate translations
2018-07-03  Erik KapferOpenVPN: x509 and DH-parameter check with Warnings...
2018-07-03  Michael TremerRevert "OpenVPN: Clarify fundamental crypto errors...
2018-07-03  Arne Fitzenreitercollect: fix cpufreq graph on some machines.
2018-07-03  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of git.ipfire.org:/pub/git/ipfire...
2018-07-03  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'aarch64' into next
2018-07-03  Michael TremerUpdate languages
2018-07-03  Erik KapferOpenVPN: Clarify fundamental crypto errors but also...
2018-07-03  Erik KapferOpenVPN: Prevent internal server error cause of bad...
2018-07-03  Erik Kapferhplip: Update to version 3.18.6
2018-07-03  Stefan Schantlguardian: Update to 2.0.2
2018-07-03  Stefan Schantlguardian.cgi: Remove support for owncloud
2018-07-03  Michael Tremercore123: Ship updated sysctl.conf