imsm: defend against unsupported migrations (temporary)
[thirdparty/mdadm.git] / super-intel.c
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: defend against unsupported migrations (temporary)
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: add 'verify', 'verify with fixup', and 'general...
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: fix imsm_map.num_domains
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: ensure mpb buffer is zeroed
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: support --examine --export
2009-04-12  Dan Williamsimsm: make uuid separator consistent with ddf
2009-04-08  Dan Williamsimsm: extract right-most whitespace stripped serial...
2009-03-10  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.0-devel3 mdadm-3.0-devel3
2009-03-10  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' in devel-3.0
2009-02-27  Dan Williamsimsm: display supported chunk sizes in --detail-platform
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: auto layout
2009-02-25  Dan Williamssysfs: allow sysfs_read to detect and drop removed...
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: retry load_imsm_mpb if we suspect mdmon has made...
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: verify single sector mpb checksums
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: fix mark_failure / introduce mark_missing
2009-02-25  Dan Williamsimsm: introduce get_imsm_disk_slot
2009-02-24  Dan Williamsimsm: fix activate spare to ignore foreign disks
2009-02-24  Dan Williamsimsm: fixup container spare uuids by default
2009-02-24  Dan Williamsimsm: fix missing initializations of the per-disk exten...
2009-02-23  Dan Williamsimsm: provide a simulated option-rom for regression...
2009-02-02  Dan Williamsimsm: block creation of devices with identical names
2009-02-02  Dan Williamsimsm: don't check raid1 chunk size
2009-02-02  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2009-01-23  Dan Williamsimsm: fix failed disks are allowed back into the container
2009-01-20  Dan WilliamsCreate: warn when a metadata format's platform componen...
2009-01-20  Dan Williamsimsm: enforce "all member disks must be members of...
2009-01-20  Dan Williamsimsm: enforce num_disks constraints
2009-01-20  Dan Williamsimsm: rename vprintf macro to pr_vrb
2009-01-20  Dan WilliamsCreate: allow per-metadata default layouts
2009-01-20  Dan Williamsimsm: imsm_read_serial check for zero-length response
2009-01-20  Dan Williamsimsm: fix dev_open return value handling
2009-01-07  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into scratch-3.0
2008-12-18  NeilBrownMerge branch 'devel' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-12-18  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: don't take chunk_size into account for raid1
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: reverse swapped arguments to posix_memalign in...
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: convert dev_tbl to devlist
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: provide a detail_platform method
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsintroduce --detail-platform to display platform raid...
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: validate arrays being created against firmware...
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: pass disk info in create message
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: correct start offset handling at create time
2008-12-08  Dan Williamsimsm: fix setting of device size for raid1
2008-12-04  NeilBrownCreate: support autolayout when creating in a DDF
2008-12-04  NeilBrownChange 'size' argument to validate_geometry to be secto...
2008-11-27  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-11-27  Dan Williamsimsm: fix metadata reservation
2008-11-27  NeilBrownTidy error messages for add_to_super failure.
2008-11-27  Dan Williamsallow add_to_super to return errors
2008-11-08  Dan Williamsimsm: fix uuid_from_super given 'signature' is not...
2008-11-08  Dan Williamsimsm: compatibility fixes for creating imsm arrays
2008-11-08  Dan Williamsimsm: fixup disk status definition endianess
2008-11-08  Dan Williamsimsm: add definitions for recent imsm versions
2008-11-07  Dan Williamsimsm: cleanup migration definitions and usage
2008-11-07  Dan Williamsimsm: cleanup ->match_home and comment on return value
2008-11-07  NeilBrownA couple of bugfixes found by suse autobuilding:
2008-11-04  Dan Williamsimsm: display container uuid in detail_super
2008-11-04  Dan Williamsimsm: display member array uuid in examine_super_imsm
2008-11-04  NeilBrownDon't give array name in --examine --brief output if...
2008-11-03  NeilBrownutil: make env checking more generic
2008-11-03  NeilBrownintel: Avoid 'may be used before initialised' warning.
2008-11-02  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into scratch-3.0
2008-11-02  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into scratch-3.0
2008-10-30  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-30  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: include members in ->brief_examine
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: copy raid device info when associating spares
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: return associated uuid for spares
2008-10-28  Dan WilliamsExamine: fix MD_DISK_SYNC is a bit not a flag
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsimsm: update metadata immediately on "add spare" events
2008-10-28  Dan Williamsupdate copyright headers
2008-10-26  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-17  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-10-15  Dan WilliamsTreat all devices at the container level as spares
2008-10-15  Dan WilliamsAllow a uuid of all f's to always match
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: show uuid in ->examine_super()
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsnon-trivial warn_unused_result fixes, activate_spare
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: determine failed indexes from the most up-to...
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: manage a list of missing disks
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: fix mpb_size calculation in write_super_imsm
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: enable checkpointing of migration (resync/rebuild)
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsmonitor: protect against CONFIG_LBD=n
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: trust sector reservation from metadata
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: confirm raid10 layout, fix up handling raid10...
2008-10-15  Dan Williamsimsm: more serial handling fixups
2008-09-18  NeilBrownReport uuid in --detail --brief for ddf and intel
2008-09-18  NeilBrownAdd uuid support for super-intel.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownAllow metadata handler to report that it doesn't record...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownLots of fixes to make incremental assembly of container...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownHandle incremental assembly of containers.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownMove calls to SET_ARRAY_INFO to common helper.
2008-09-18  NeilBrownFactor out add-disk code
2008-09-18  NeilBrownCompile fixes, particularly moving more stuff under...
2008-09-18  NeilBrownFix compile warning/error.
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: allow a failed disk to be readded
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: use ->getinfo_super() in ->container_content()
2008-09-16  Dan WilliamsAllow metadata handlers to communicate desired safemode...
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: fix up serial handling
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: only use the device name as a fallback when IMSM_...
2008-09-16  Dan Williamsimsm: rectify map handling